European fascist and neo-nazi association gets vast EU-subsidy

Publicerad 2016-04-14 13:51:00

A European association of fascist and nazi politicians is receiving hundreds of thousands of euros in funding from the EU – in spite of a recent tightening of rules meant to prevent such aid going to anti-democratic groups.

In 2014, the European Parliament tightened up its rules governing funding for European-level political parties. The aim was to prevent economic support going to parties that contravene the EU's fundamental human rights principles. As a result of the new rules, the European political party Alliance of European National Movements (AENM) lost their entitlement to EU funding in 2014.

But in spite of the new rules, the European Parliament this January granted some €400,000 to the far-right European political party "Alliance for Peace and Freedom" (APF). The APF is an association of European nazis, fascists and Holocaust deniers.

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Photo: The United Kingdom is represented in the executive board of the APF by Nick Griffin, ex-leader of British National Party. (Image: Expo). 


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